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Buddhist Snake year 2013

Buddhist Snake year 2013.The year of dragon 2012 has come to an end as the  snake year 2013 starts with hope of  happy starting and ending.

There will be misunderstanding and maladjustment among people in the year of the water female snake Bhutanese astrologers predict.Towards the northeast and southwest regions there is danger of disagreement among people.The east is predicted to experience poverty although, in general, the year is expected to receive enough rainfall and the harvest is expected to be good. For flower enthusiasts, the snake year will shower bountiful blooms.

Great Buddhist teachers and high-level officials are at risk of defamation. But the year, in general, would be favourable to businessmen and animals.

Healthwise the year is expected to see an increase in yam (sinusitis) infection, tuberculosis and drangwa among people.

For those born under snake, rooster, ox, and pig signs the year is not favourable. For snake it’s lokag (bad year).

For the rooster and ox, simply because the two are compatible (thuensum) with the snake sign, it’s an unfavourable year ahead. For the pig, which is not compatible (duenzur) with the snake, the year is also not favourable.

People born under these four signs should refrain from undertaking important tasks like construction, venturing on a long journey and immersing in medicinal and hot springs.

To clear obstacles, those in lokag should conduct jabzhi ritual, thuensum should perform theunsum and duenzur should perform duenzuer choe.

Babies born in the snake year are said to be ill tempered and average when it comes to intelligence. But they are said to become wealthy and prosperous.

For any activity or venture to succeed this year it should be initiated by people, preferably male, born in the wood rat year (1984) or the iron dragon year (2000).

Astrologers say the snake year is not a lonag (inauspicious year) as people in general seem to believe. Only when it coincides with mewa nyinag then it is lonag as would be the case in the year of tiger, pig, monkey, ox, sheep, dog and dragon.

When mewa nyinag coincides with tiger, pig and monkey years the year is considered lonag chewa. When mewa sumthing coincides with ox, sheep, dog and dragon years the years are considered lonag chungwa.

This year mewa ngaser coincides with the snake year and is therefore not a lonag.