Royal Wedding Symbol of Bhutan

The media and publication committee earlier today came out with the symbol that will represent Bhutan’s forth coming royal wedding in October; and it has been modified out of the wheel of Dharma, with two rings in gold entwined in front of a khorlo and a scarf running through the rings on a lotus.

Information and communications secretary and the committee’s chairman, Dasho Kinley Dorji, said the khorlo (wheel) is the symbol of royalty.

The secretary explained that the two entwined rings with a dhar signifies the union of thap (method) and sherab (wisdom). The knot in the dhar signifies the never ending bond between the two, while the lotus signifies purity of union, Dham Tshig Tsangma.

There are two variations of the royal symbol. The second version does not have the lotus.

A symbol for the royal bride was also released, which has the mythical bird, Ja-Tshering upholding the khorlo that symbolises royalty.

“If people are wishing to print the symbol on a T-shirt or cup, then these variations could be used,” Dasho Kinley Dorji said. “But with an authorisation from the procurement committee.”

The royal wedding ceremony will be held on October 13 in Punakha. His Majesty and the Queen would then come to Thimphu the next day and, on October 15, the wedding celebrations would be held at the Changlingmithang stadium in Thimphu.