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Want to experience vibrant Bhutanese culture at close proximity take a festival trip to Bhutan.Bhutanese love to socialize. An integral part of the Bhutanese tradition is its culture. Bhutanese love social gatherings and present themselves in spirit of celebration. If you wish to see Bhutanese from all walks of life making fun, play, flirt and drink alcohol during such festivities Western Bhutan Tour is tour program designed in such a way that when you  travel or tour in Bhutan one can experience the gift of Western Bhutan with beautiful mountains and valleys. It offers stunning scenery with golden paddy fields cascading down the magnificent mountains. If you wish to experience Bhutanese culture and tradition any time of the year then a tailor made Bhutan cultural trip is meant for you. The drive through the undulating landscape takes you to the central Bhutan where you will experience ancient fortresses, monasteries, and temples. Your wishes to explore the scenic beauty and pristine environment of mountainous terrain then trekking in Bhutan is for you. As a Bhutan trekking company we promise a memorable experience amidst lofty mountains, deep valleys and rushing streams, On trip like Himalaya Walking Tour don’t miss Bhutan Walking Tour is tour program designed for the clients on their trip to Asia or trekking in Himalaya that has more of walking tours and less of driving. The advantage of doing more of walking will give more time to explore Bhutan. This tour has great advantage When you explore Asian textile tour don’t miss Bhutan textile tour or textile in Bhutan which is a living textile museum of Himalaya. The Bhutanese textiles are the highest form of art and spiritual expression. The indigenous knowledge and unique skills on textiles have been passed down for generations. Photographers in Bhutan come across photographic seductions and have abundant opportunities to photograph the Himalayan ice peaks, the virgin forests, the unique plants and flowers, the Dzongs (fortresses), the temples, the chorten (stupas), the prayer wheels and multicolored prayer flags, the farm houses. Tour package for individual tours and private group tours based on the availability of your time and the things that you are interested in.

Welcome to Bhutan

Warmest welcome to Bhutan Creative Tours webpage. We believe in creative tours and treks for maximum satisfaction to our clients. Our quality service and dynamism makes us one of much sought after tour companies in Bhutan. We target our efforts to achieving excellence and adding fun and value to any tours and treks you wish to undertake. Your satisfaction is our final goal and we leave no stones unturned to guarantee best of our services.  We are committed to offering creative tours and treks with uncompromised high quality services.

We have flexibility in all our itineraries to meet both the budget and expectations of our valued clients. Our tours and treks are great opportunities to explore the unexplored parts of Bhutan. At your leisure, you can learn the unique culture and tradition of friendly Bhutanese people. To meet your expectations, we offer a wide range of trips with experienced English speaking guides. The trips range from textiles to bird watching, photography, rafting and bicycle tours. Comfortable accommodations and food are arranged in traditionally built hotels and lodges across Bhutan.

Our creative treks take you through the virgin forests and Himalayan streams to snow capped mountains. Based on clients’ demand, we organize simple to challenging treks filled with adventures and pleasures. The treks are made memorable by the experienced trek leaders and crew. We personally arrange food supplies and provisions to ensure quality and hygiene during the trek. The supplies including tents are carried by our porters and pack animals. The treks are filled with fun by the trek leaders who share their vast knowledge on Bhutanese culture, .religion, history and nature.

Over the years in tourism business, we have gathered several feed backs from our clients. Their frank views and sincere comments made us refine our itineraries to meet the changing demands of our clients across the globe. We exercise flexibility in the itineraries and modify them should our clients demand. Since Bhutan is one of the must visit destinations for any tourist, we continually strive to create everlasting impression on our clients during their travel and stay in Bhutan.

To help us serve you with itineraries, Tour Package, Bhutan Cultural Tours,Festival Tours,trekking in Bhutan,trip to Bhutan of your Bhutan Travel taste, kindly email us at info@bct.com.bt or Do visit our other site www.tripasiatrekhimalayatravelbhutantour.com . It will be our pleasure to offer customized itineraries and tours to you and your family and friends because you are important to us and so are the creative tours and treks.

We look forward to seeing you in Bhutan !!